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Atlantis diving center E.E.

Phone 1: +359 877 99 1609
Phone 2: +359 876 85 31 73
Web site: http://www.atlantis-scubadiving.com
E-mail: misho@atlantis-scubadiving.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRaQMlbGRgA

What is Atlantis
Х Official PADI, DSAT, TecRec center
Х Bulgarian-Russian club with unique experience of technical diving

What do we offer? 
Х Full range of standard PADI programs: starting with first dive and up to high-qualified Tec 40, Tec 45, Tec 50, TecTrimix 65, TecTrimix 90, Sidemount and TecSidemount.

Х Training and upskilling in PADI up to the technical instructor qualifications:Tec Instructor, TecDeep Instructor, TecTrimix Instructor, Sidemount Instructor and TecSidemount Instructor
Х Individual training opportunities "from Zero to HeroФЦ from PADI MSDT with no experience in the technical diving up to Instructor TecTrimix (both Backmount and Sidemount).
Х Renewal of the technical instructor certificate issued by of another organization in PADI (upgrade)
Х Seasonal discount Internship programs (work-practice-training-certification)

Х Cooperation in travel and training programms for recreational and deep-sea technical swimming

What do we have? 
Х Professional team led by Instructor-trainer 
Х Licensed diving center with 10 years of experience in Greece
Х Equipment for recreational and technical diving: Halcyon, BtS, Ursuit, OMS, Apex, IDiveSystem
Х Gas system for precise mixing of gases, Maximator (Germany) 
Х All types of gases: Nitrox 22-99 %, Trimix, pure O2.
Х Comfortable boat with experienced crew
Х Personal experience of record-breaking deep-sea dives (-233 m)
Х Communication in Russian, Bulgarian, English, German, Greek

What don't we have?
Х Big waves
Х Strong wind
Х Valueble currents
Х Dangerous animals (both in water and on land)

How our underwater conditions look like?
Х High transparency (20+ m)
Х Greatest depth 
Х Diverse and convenient dive sites 
Х Diving and training from shore or boat

Where are we?
Х Aegean sea
Х Sithonia Peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece

What seasons are best for diving?
Х Standard season: may-October
Х Best seasons for technoriver: may-June, September-October
Х Technoriver on request: April, November and December (water temperature is 13-17C)

Х Wide options of training and use of equipment (TechSidemount)
Х We can organize your record-breaking deep-sea dives.
Х We have experienced support team for deep / record dive.

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