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Dive Damai - dive into unsurpassed comfort and impeccable service on board of a luxurious yacht - Damai I and Damai II and experience A La Carte diving.

A La Carte reflects your freedom to choose and our desire to fulfil your wishes.

Diving A La Carte is a new concept created by Dive Damai with the objective of giving the ultimate personal service. Logistics permitting Damai allows you to dive where and when you wish. It is our aim to bring you as much of the underwater highlights of our itineraries as possible. Chartering one of our luxurious vessels will give you the chance to select the route you are excited to do. We do not set dive time limits, we do not tell you that you cannot re-dive a dive site, we will bend over backwards to fulfill your every wish to return to a location time and again. We can provide you with Nitrox or a private dive guide if you needbut its not just the diving

We aim to satisfy every desire.

That means you have a menu choice for each meal and if you have any special food requests we will do everything in our power to ensure your favourite foods are onboard.

Charter Damai and set your own itinerary for cruises to include all the activities an area has to offer you.

We can also offer you a la carte land tours as add-ons to your liveaboard charters. Why not take advantage of our bespoke land tours to explore Indonesia and take home more than just underwater memories.

Dive Damai redefines the concept of liveaboards. It doesnt get more personalised!


Tel: +62 361 284 359
Website: http://dive-damai.com/
Email: info@dive-damai.com