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This 5-Star PADI Diving Center is located in Protaras, Cyprus.

We offer safe and enjoyable diving adventures.

Our three main proposals:

The Discover Scuba Diving Program: the very first dive, where you discover both the diving and the beautiful underwater world.

Basic, Special and Professional training: good choice if you want to become a real diver and improve your skills by studying theory and practice in various specialties. We offer a basic Open Water Diver course (diving in open water up to 18 m deep), Advanced (advanced diving in open water up to 30 m deep), Deep (deep-sea diving up to 40 m deep), Wreck Diver, Underwater Navigator, Rescue Diver and a lot others. You can achieve the following Professional degrees with us: Divemaster, DSD Leader, Assistant instructor.

Recreational Diving: suitable for You if You are a certified diver and want to discover the most beautiful diving sites in the south-east of Cyprus, explore the local wrecks, including the famous wreck of Zenobia, local caves, rock formations, underwater rocks...

We reign friendly family atmosphere. We are experienced divers ourselves, that is why we know how to take care and support other divers and students to make then feel their connection with underwater world. We teach you to solve problems before they may appear. 

We have a transparent pricing policy and special offers.

Our customers rate us very well on TripAdvisor.

We speak and teach in Russian, Polish and English.


Tel: +357 97601143
Website: http://www.ipadivers.com
Email: info@ipadivers.com