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This year, Beuchat is celebrating its 80th anniversary and consequently is the oldest company in the diving industry. Georges Beuchat founded the society in 1934 to share his passion and from this time, the philosophy is the same, the innovation, to offer products even more technical. In this way, he created in 1953, the first wetsuit, in 1964, the first vented fins, the Jet Fins, and in 2009, the company continues with the launch of the VR 200, a smart regulator, fancied, designed, created and made in France.

From the beginning, the brand wanted have an international impact with products more technical with character and always designed in Marseille with the Beuchats know-how. The brand worked with the Commandant Cousteau and the Calypsos members during the scientific expeditions like Precontinent and used the first wetsuits.

Now, Beuchat form a team with recognized athletes like Pedro Carbonnel, 3-times Spearfishing World Champion or Morgan Bourchis, free-diver and record holder with a diving to 89m without fins. They help the research and development with their experiences.


This year,  Beuchat continues his progression with the launch of a new wetsuit, the Focea 4, a stabilizing jacket, the X-Air Confort or the Marlin Carbone, a spear gun with a roller system, patented in our workshops.



Website: http://beuchat.ru

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