2018 Moscow Dive Show
the main exhibition for aquatic people

  All you need for activities under, above and beneath water.  

From February 1st to the 4th, 2018, the Sokolniki Exhibition Center in Moscow, Russia, will host the key event in the diving community’s life - the annual Moscow Dive Show. Leading Russian and international manufacturers and service providers for all sorts of aquatic people - scuba divers, freedivers, spearfishers and underwater photographers - will gather all under one roof.

Moscow Dive Show is the largest specialized underwater activities trade show in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In 2018, the show will be expanded and held in two largest pavilions of the Sokolniki Exhibition Center; its overall area will exceed 8,500 square meters. Among the important changes will be additional specialized areas - "Aquatic people" (yachting, kiting, surfing), "Aquatic children" (everything for little mermen and mermaids swimming and diving), "Beach" (swimsuits and swim shorts, beach fashion, sunscreen skin care and sunglasses).

The goal of the show is to create an effective communication platform for wholesale and retail businesses, dealership networks’ expansion, direct sales of goods and services and an annual meeting point for the diving community.

How it went in 2017

2017 Numbers and facts.


Events for businesses

Events for businesses - Moscow Dive Show
  • Looking for new dealers. The history of underwater-themed trade exhibitions in Russia started back in 2003. Since then it has been the place where wholesale and retail businesses arranged their plans for the upcoming season (which for the aquatic industry starts in March). The Moscow-based show became a spot for communication not only for Russian businesses, but also for those from former Soviet countries - Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states or Azerbaijan do not hold this kind of specialized shows and often place their orders at the Moscow Dive Show.
  • Working with the actual dealers. At all the international underwater-themed exhibitions shows (in the USA, Salon De La Plongee in France, Boot in Germany, ADEX in Singapore, etc.) there is a special place for presentations, talks and workshops prepared by professionals from gear manufacturers, educational and tourism companies. This is profitable and easy for everyone since it substitutes expensive road-shows to separate cities and regions. Conference halls are available for early booking. Technical assistants at the show will help you arrange your event in the best possible way.
  • Expanding dealership networks through underwater retail. The majority of diving gear shops tend to expand and diversify their range through allied trade groups such as tourism gear, swimming accessories, waterproof gadgets etc. It’s easier and more beneficial to represent your goods and services and find new dealers at the Moscow Dive Show.

Words of exhibitors

«PADI Russian Center is going to take part in the Moscow Dive Show in 2018. We are grateful to the promoters for a constructive dialog and willfullness to make the show not only a major official industry event but also an informal meeting point for diving professionals and amateurs.»
Irina Beresneva, PADI Russian Center
«The AQUATEX company appreciates the impressive set-up of the 2017 Moscow Dive Show and a wonderful atmosphere! This show has beaten all the records in terms of visitants, press coverage and popularity in the diving community, and keep it up! We are proud that we’ve made the right choice when we backed the project at the stage of an idea, and are already planning our events for the 2018 show!»
Oleg Chebykin, AQUATEX (brands Beuchat, Scorpena, Suunto)
«The RuDIVE group has set up at the show a spacious booth designed both for visitors and for active communication with business partners. Our participation in the Moscow Dive Show clearly turned out highly successful, particularly keeping in mind the affordable participation price. A comfortable place and good visitors’ flow for little money — we liked this formula. See you at the 2018 show!»
Dmitry Orlov, RuDIVE group

Retail sales

Retail sales at the Moscow Dive Show

The trade show in Moscow gives a wonderful opportunity for dynamic retail sales and promotion of retail networks and online shops. Historically (since 2003 when diving shows started to be held in Moscow) there are practices of major deferred demand before the February show - people start planning a big shopping spree at the Moscow Dive Show several months before. More than a half of show visitors leave having made at least one purchase.

The Moscow Dive Show buyer’s basket contains, by estimate:
  • Diving gear. New arrivals.
  • Diving gear. Past collections’ sale.
  • Unique items unavailable at major retail networks. Unusual brands.
  • Gadgets. Useful diving accessories. Items for nature outdoor activities.
  • Tours and diving safaris.
In 2017, good sales weren't shown only by the retailers. Booths representing tourism have scored a high number of bookings and pay-ins. A goal to come home with real money, not only a pack of business cards can be achieved by every participant of the Moscow Dive Show. There were no records of active price dumping, however, different forms of motivating clients directly at the show have given positive results. Make a tempting offer and the customers will open their wallets!

Booths and prices

Booths and Prices at the Moscow Dive Show

The cost of 1 sqm of equipped area is EUR 189.
The cost includes the following: walls, carpeted floor, frieze inscription, table and chairs, coat-hanger, podium, power socket. You can find the list of additional equipment costs here.
The cost of 1 sqm of unequipped area is EUR 159
No registration or any additional fees are charged at Moscow Dive Show.
You can book a stand on-line, using a convenient interactive floor plan.
After booking, your stand will be reserved for your company for the period of 10 days to allow for the completion of the contract signing and invoice payment process.

Special discounts

  • Early full payment. A 10% discount for 100% payment for participation made before May, 15.
  • For a stand of over 20 sqm – 10%.
  • For a stand of over 40 sqm – 15%.
  • For a stand of over 60 sqm – 20%.

Advertising Campaign Overview

We have used all existing types of advertising to get noticed as much as possible. With this report we would like to tell you more about our advertising campaign experience - how was it and how much could it help us get exposure in our target market?

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) . Our advertising strategy develops a highly effective advertising campaign. We've decided on promoting awareness of the Moscow Dive Show through SMM together with flash banners displaying more than 30 different images! It helped us reach not only our target consumers but attract about 20% newcomers. Our exponents especially enjoy welcoming the latter ones!

    Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Online Direct Marketing. We got the most out of that advertising channel. Yandex.Direct allowed us to receive more than 40000 visitors at diveshow.ru from the search engine's users (with more than 300 specific keywords) within two months before the exhibition day. As a result, most of them came to the exhibition.
  • Online PR campaign. Most 'underwater' sites' portals took part in our PR campaign both in anticipation of the exhibition 2017 and after it. They actively supported and promoted it. Articles, news, forums, participants' feedbacks and previews - all that helped to generate great buzz around our event.

  • Email marketing. We cooperate with many training organizations and qualifications such as PADI, NDL, SSI, CMAS, TDI/SDI, NAUI which helps us keep in touch with our target audience and stimulate interest. We send personalized emails highlighting recent changes and benefits as well as invitations for our events.

    Moscow Dive Show: Email marketing
  • Celebrity brand endorsement. We have invited Alexey Molchanov to be Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador. He is a legendary freediver, a world record holder in freediving holding the breath on 128 meters!

    We have invited Alexey Molchanov to be Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador We have invited Alexey Molchanov to be Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador We have invited Alexey Molchanov to be Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador
  • Outdoor advertising works well especially if it includes huge billboards. We chose roads and streets in the city centre with heavy traffic to reach our audience. We cannot use this tool in high season since the prices are too high, but In January the prices usually go down and we jump at a chance using it as effectively as possible.

    Moscow Dive Show: Outdoor advertising
  • Radio. We cannot afford advertising on TV. It is too expensive for us whereas radio is just what the doctor ordered! Popular radio stations have huge amount of listeners and reach a wide geographic area so they can be a very effective advertising tool. I think we've chosen the right radio station to achieve our goals. We prefer cooperation with Silver Rain radio station to any others. Additionally, we like to listen to it ourselves! It has a bright team of presenters, reporters and DJs. They make the radio station very attractive to the audience and with its broadcasting area people more than in 100 cities of Russia and in countries of near and far abroad can listen to it. That's why we chose it as an interaction channel with our target demographic.
    Moscow Dive Show on Radio 100,1 FM Moscow Dive Show on Radio 100,1 FM

    Audience of the Silver Rain radio station (1 million and 200 thousand listeners):
    • 75% – car owners
    • 47% – middle/upper middle/high income people
    • 50% – between 25 and 49 years old - well-paid, socially minded people
    • 69% – imported car owners
    • 49% – top or middle managers or successful specialists
    • 12% – business owners and co-owners , self-employed

Conference hall

Conference hall at the Moscow Dive ShowConference hall at the Moscow Dive ShowConference hall at the Moscow Dive ShowConference hall at the Moscow Dive Show Two modern conference halls - each with a capacity of 100 people - allow holding of presentations, press conference or workshop in a comfortable businesslike atmosphere. The rental price is ˆ120 per hour. It includes Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, speakers and a wired microphone. Please feel free to bring or hire any further equipment you may require.

Cultural programme

One of the most important parts of the Moscow Dive Show are the shows and speeches on the main stage. A big screen and powerful sound system make this area the main attraction point for the show’s visitors. The best movies, speeches of celebrities from the world of underwater and outdoor activities, presentations of countries and regions, specialised conferences (photographers, cave and technical divers, freedivers) and summaries of the results of creativity competitions and festivals, — all entertaining visitors of the Moscow Dive Show throughout the day. Near the stage there is a food court offering tasty drinks and nutritious snacks.

Tickets for the show are valid for all four days, which is an additional motivation for multiple visits and choosing the most relevant events on the stage and in conference halls. This is also quite important for retailer booths at the Moscow Dive Show: visitors may decide to buy something during their second or third visit.

Hotels and visas

Holiday Inn Sokolniki

Official hotel for the show participants’ accommodation.

Special prices for accommodation of the participants of our show:
  • Special accommodation prices for the participants of our show:
    Single room 1 adult, BB (including taxes) = ˆ95 per night per room
    Double room 2 adults, BB (including taxes) = ˆ110 per night per room
  • Full weekend (Friday to Monday) Rates:
    Single room 1 adult, BB (including taxes) = ˆ70 per night per room
    Double room 2 adults, BB (including taxes) = ˆ80 per night per room
Booking a room at Holiday Inn Sokolniki includes visa assistance (a formal invitation to facilitate a Russian visa).

Now you know everything about the 2018 Moscow Dive Show, which will take place at the Sokolniki Exhibition Center from the 1st to the 4th of February in Moscow, Russia.