Moscow Dive Show 2019
the main exhibition for a watersports lover

  All you need for water sports disciplines - whether on the water, in the water, over the water and near the water  

MOSCOW DIVE SHOW 2019 is the largest exhibition of equipment, tourism and training for people interested in active lifestyle water-based sports in Russia and Eastern Europe. The main part of the exhibition shall cover four main underwater activities - diving, spearfishing, freediving and underwater photography. The water sports, such as yachting, diving regattas, kite surfing, surfing, SUP and water tourism shall be presented in the WATER SPORT SALON. Equipment and training programs for children and teenagers shall be exhibited as well.

Moscow Dive Show 2019 shall be held January 31st to February 3rd 2019 in Sokolniki Exhibition Center in Moscow, halls 4 and 4.1.

The Exhibition Ideology remains as follows: MOSCOW DIVE SHOW provides the effective platform and marketplace for retail and wholesale business communication, dealership network expansion, direct sales of goods and services to visitors, with simultaneous promotion of traditional and online shops.

Previous Show Overview

MDS 2018 Figures and Facts


Business Development Opportunities

Events for businesses - Moscow Dive Show
  • Looking for new dealers. The history of underwater-themed trade exhibitions in Russia started back in 2003. Since then the wholesale and retail players used to arrange their plans for the upcoming season (which for the dive industry starts in March) at these events. The Moscow-based show became a spot for communication not only for Russian professionals, but also for those from former Soviet countries, because there are no specialized shows of this kind in Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Azerbaijan, and often companies from these countries make the deals at the Moscow Dive Show.
  • Working with the existing dealers. Presentations, discussions and workshops held by equipment manufacturers, training firms and travel companies constitute an important part of international underwater-themed exhibitions and shows (DEMA Show in the USA, Salon De La Plongee in France, Boot in Germany, ADEX in Singapore, etc.). Such events bring befits and convenience for all the participants, since they successfully replace expensive road-shows in different locations and regions. Conference rooms are available for early booking, and exhibition technicians will do their best to make your event the perfect experience.
  • Expanding dealer networks by engaging underwater retail shops. Tough economical environment forces the majority of diving equipment shops to expand their product range and diversify it by related trade groups such as tourism equipment, swimming accessories, waterproof gadgets etc. So, the Moscow Dive Show is a perfect place to represent goods & services and find new dealers, and at that, to effect retail sails in order to cover the participation costs.

Exhibitor Feedback

We are very pleased to be back here to meet all our former clients on the Aggressor boats. We're also looking forward to meet our new clients interested to go with us for the next beautiful vacation on one of these Aggressor boats.
We do liveaboard and resort. This is my first time in the Moscow Dive Show, and the show is really amazing. I like the people here. And I like to meet many new travel agents and new visitors.
For us this Show is very important. Scubapro has a very long tradition and has been exhibiting here for over 26 years. And we see in the Show an incredible increase from year to year. An incredible variety that has been created. And for us, this Show, after the BOOT in Germany, is the most significant show in Eastern Europe.
I love Moscow. I love having our Russian friends onboard. I would like to have many more Russian friends onboard with the best white shark diving on the planet.
We're Master Liveaboard, Siren fleet and Blue O Two. It's important for us to be here at the Dive Show because we have 14 vessels that we need to fill up. The Russian market is growing every year. We love Russian customers. Please come onboard our vessels.

Retail Sales

Retail sales at the Moscow Dive Show

The Moscow Dive Show offers a good platform for proactive retail sales and promotion of retail networks and online shops. Historically (that is since 2003, when diving shows were launched in Moscow) we've evidenced the major deferred demand in view of the show held in February, as several months before it our future visitors start to make plans for a big shopping at the Moscow Dive Show. More than a half of the visitors make at least one purchase at the show.

The Moscow Dive Show visitor shopping list is usually as follows:
  • Equipment for diving and underwater activities. New arrivals.
  • Equipment for diving and underwater activities. Sales of previous collections.
  • Specialties and unique products not available through major mass retailers. Hardly available brands.
  • Gadgets. Useful diving accessories. Goods for outdoor activities.
  • Tours and diving safaris.
In 2018 the retailers were not the only segment who achieved good sales results at our exhibition. Booths representing tourism scored a high number of bookings and pay-ins. Such a goal as to collect the real money instead of just a set of business cards, can be achieved by any exhibitor of the Moscow Dive Show. There were no records of large scale price dumping, however, different forms of direct buying incentive measures at the show resulted in good sales. If you prepare the good offer, be sure to win over the clients! During the Show of 2018 small and medium size retailing booths received revenues amounting to 300-700 thousand rubles, large size retailing island booths gained 1.5-3 mln. rubles (exch. rate nearly 70.1 rub/euro).


Booths and Prices at the Moscow Dive Show

The price for standard equipped space is EUR 189 per 1 sqm.
The price includes all the necessary equipment and furniture for work at the booth, as the following: Perimeter Wall Panels, Fascia Panel, Table and Chairs, Coat-hanger, Bar Counter, Power Socket (for 6 sqm booth). If you need any additional items, you can use your own or rent the additional equipment available at the Show. here.
The price for raw space is EUR 159 per 1 sqm.
The rental of a raw space is a good choice for the exhibitors that want to use their own exhibition equipment and structures, as well as for those that need a large space with maximum visibility, such as island type booth or half-island type booth.
No registration or any additional fees shall be charged for the Moscow Dive Show.
You can reserve your booth on-line on the floor plan tool. Upon completion of the on-line booking procedure your booth will be reserved for your company for the period of 10 days; within this period you should execute the contract and effect the payment for the space against our invoice.

Floor Planning Concept

  • Central areas with island type booths for exclusive design booths and large size booths. Island type booths are available with rented space 36 sqm to 200 sqm, that are stand-alone booths with sides dimensions 6x6 meters to 10x20 meters.
  • Rows with 2 and 3 meters depth. Good choice for standard booths 3 to 24 sq.m.

Special discounts

  • Early full payment. A 10% discount for 100% payment for participation made before May, 15.
  • For a stand of over 20 sqm 10%.
  • For a stand of over 40 sqm 15%.
  • For a stand of over 60 sqm 20%.

Advertising Campaign Overview

We use nearly all the sorts of advertising and promotion media to achieve a largescale coverage of the Moscow Dive Show.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM). Our promotional efforts for social media are focused on target and related communities and groups. Combination of aggressive SMM campaign and a big package of different banners (more than 30 images were displayed!) resulted in attracting not only the loyal core visitors, those who attend diving shows on a regular basis, but new audience as well (that at MDS2018 counted to be 20% at least), and these newcomers are the matter of the great interest for every exhibitor.

    Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM) Moscow Dive Show - Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Online Direct Marketing. Low frequency aggressive advertising through Yandex.Direct (more than 300 key phrases) generated more than 40000 visitors for within two months before Show opening. As a result, most of them visited the Show as well.
  • Online PR Campaign through "Diving Related" Internet Resources. Most 'underwater' internet resources actively promoted our Show before and after the event dates. Exhibitors' articles, news, press-releases were published on news feeds and forums.

  • Email marketing. We cooperate with all the main training programs, such as PADI, NDL, SSI, CMAS, TDI/SDI, NAUI for mailing out the personalized invitations thought email addressed not only to the instructors and trainers, but to all the people, who obtained the qualification.

    Moscow Dive Show: Email marketing
  • Brand Ambassador. Alexey Molchanov, a legendary freediver, a world record holder in freediving holding the breath on 129 meters, is the Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador.

    We have invited Alexey Molchanov to be Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador We have invited Alexey Molchanov to be Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador We have invited Alexey Molchanov to be Moscow Dive Show brand ambassador
  • Outdoor advertising works as well! If it is large, and furthermore if it is HUGE. We selected the biggest video displays in the Moscow center located in areas with frequent traffic jams. In January the prices for outdoor advertisement falls down and this fact enables us to use this channel with the maximum efficiency.

    Moscow Dive Show: Outdoor advertising
  • Radio. The TV advertising is enormously expensive, and commonly only the global mega brands use it widely. At the same time the audience of a good radio station might be as well numerous as those of TV channels, and much more promising at the same time. For the cooperation we selected the unique radio station Silver Rain. They have a bright team of presenters, challenging shows and unique music selection. We do really love this radio, and not only for the business purpose. And last but no least advantage of this communication channel is the national wide broadcasting covering all the largest cities. So, this is the perfect media for communication with the widest target audience of the Moscow Dive Show visitors.
    Moscow Dive Show on Radio 100,1 FM Moscow Dive Show on Radio 100,1 FM

    Audience of the Silver Rain radio station (1 million and 200 thousand listeners):
    75% car owners
    47% middle/upper middle/high income people
    50% between 25 and 49 years old - well-paid, socially minded people
    69% imported car owners
    49% top or middle managers or successful specialists
    12% business owners and co-owners , self-employed

Conference Rooms

Two state-of-the-art conference rooms with the capacity of 100 persons each, are ready for hosting your presentations, press conferences, or workshops. You can rent this comfortable business atmosphere facilities for 120 per hour for each room (included: Wi-Fi, tables, chairs, loud speakers and a wired microphone.) You can use your own additional equipment, such as projection devices, screens. etc., or rent it.

On-Stage Performances and Entertainments

Performances, shows and lectures at the main stage of the Moscow Dive Show play significant and vital role for the exhibition. The large screen and powerful sound system of the stage contribute a lot into making this area to be a magnet for the shows visitors.

All day long during the show opening hours the attendees may enjoy here the best movies and videos, speeches of celebrities from the world of underwater and outdoor activities, presentations of countries and regions, specialised conferences (for photographers, cave and technical divers, freedivers), as well as announcements of creativity competitions and festivals winners. The food court with wide range of beverages and snacks is located just near.

Tickets for the show are valid for all four days of the event, and it gives an additional motivation for repeated visits and choosing the most relevant and interesting events scheduled to be held on the stage and in the conference rooms. This is also quite important for retailer booths at the Moscow Dive Show: it might be the case that visitors make a decision to purchase during their second or third visit.


Visa & Hotel

Holiday Inn Sokolniki

Official Hotel for the accommodation of participants of the exhibition

Special prices for accommodation of the participants of our show:
  • Special prices for the accommodation of the participants of our exhibition
    Single room 1 adult, BB (including taxes) = 95 per night per room
    Double room 2 adults, BB (including taxes) = 110 per night per room
  • For reservations of accommodation from Friday to Monday:
    Single room 1 adult, BB (including taxes) = 70 per night per room
    Double room 2 adults, BB (including taxes) = 80 per night per room
*The prices are required to be confirmed upon reservation
**These prices are effective for reservation through the exhibitions official tour agency "VSE S NAMI only.

Please send the applications for reservations to the following address: or

In the application please specify your name, date of birth, room type, check-in and checkout dates and your contact number, no special application form is required.

Dear friends, we believe, that here we presented to you all the essential information you might need to make the decision to exhibit at the Moscow Dive Show 2019, that will be held at exhibition halls # 4 and # 4.1, Sokolniki Exhibition Center, from January 31st to February 3th 2019 in Moscow, Russia.