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Гидравлик ПРО

Phone: +7 (495) 748-37-36
Web site: http://h-pro.ru
E-mail: h-pro@h-pro.ru
Address: 109147, Москва, ул. Марксистская, дом 34, корпус 10.
«Hydraulic Pro» is an exclusive distributor for HYDRA-TECH PUMPS, HYCON, NEMO, CAVIDYNE, and Exodus International, as well as official representative of SPITZNAS, ARMADA, BELL DREDGING PUMPS and a number of other leading producers of hydraulic tools/equipment from the US and Europe in Russia and the CIS.

For 17 years we have been supplying professional underwater hydrodynamic, pneumatic, and electrical tools, cavitation units, mechanical cleaners of underwater surfaces, submersible pumps for different purposes, dredging systems, implements/accessories for underwater welding/cutting, and corrosion protection agents.
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