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At numerous requests of workers in 2017 there will be a place where not only adult visitors of an exhibition will be able to spend properly time. In sector "Water children" the children's game zone will be organized. Here beloved children will be able to spend time under supervision of skilled animators.

Игровая зона на Moscow Dive Show

For teenagers it will be interesting to glance in depths of a diving microcosm, watching inhabitants in eyepieces of powerful microscopes and taking part in scientific experiments.
Organizers of an exhibition will try to carry away entertainments for parents – an electronic shooting gallery "Spearfishing" and classics of the Soviet childhood "Sea battle" will wait for the champions ready to battle for valuable prizes from sponsors.
The detailed program of actions of sector "Water children" will be published at the beginning of December, 2016.

The partner of the zone "Water Children" - mighty Internet community of active mothers of SelfMama.


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