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"Water People" — a new zone on Moscow Dive Show 2017! Kiting, surfing, yachting

On February 5, 2017 in the Exhibition Center "Sokolniki" the Moscow Dive Show exhibition will take place. Now besides diving hobbies — diving, spearfishing and a freediving — also the brother water directions - yachting, kiting, surfing, boating — everything that needs water, wind and currents.

Яхтинг на Moscow Dive Show   

Keep moving, try new, expand the horizons – on Moscow Dive Show adherents of all water and diving faiths will be able to glance over a rich palette of the activities united by the word "WATER" and to look narrowly at something new and undiscovered. Divers, be yachtsmen, kayakers – try a freediving, kiters – chase not only a parachute, but also fish!

At an exhibition, you will learn how to become an independent traveler. Not just skillfully reserving places on yachts, but steering these yachts on your own. How to become the captain, where to pass examinations and whether to dive on a leased yacht or twin hull craft? You will find all answers in the zone "Water People" on Moscow Dive Show.

There is nothing better and more fascinatingly for real yachting accept participation in regattas which are annually  carried out in hundreds seas and oceans of the planet. Russian coordinators will organize many of them. It is also possible to create your personal regatta, for unity of the native company staff. Main on regattas will provide the plans and ideas for Moscow Dive Show.

Have you ever tried to raft on the river? Not on difficult mountain river, with thresholds and falls. But across the regular silent Moskva River, under an attentive guide of experienced instructors, with following through all precautions and safe engineering. It is exciting to go all family – you just row quietly and on the parking it is possible to get under water or to catch fish. Choose an alloy of your dream from tens of checked routes on Moscow Dive Show.

Having come up after the dive and comfortably and settled in a chaise lounge on the beach, it is very pleasant to look at how surfers and kiters fervently rush on waves. It is more pleasant to try, but there is no enough time to learn during issue, as always. The coolest instructors and sellers of equipment for races on waves – excellent chance to think up, as well as where to be trained in skill of conquest of waves and winds in the native territory -all this will gather for Moscow Dive Show.

Яхтинг - права на управление - новое на Moscow Dive Show
Yachting. Rights on diving.

Яхтинг - уникальные экспедиции и регаты. Новое на Moscow Dive Show.
Yachting. Unique expeditions and regattas.

Яхтинг - Аренда яхт, услуги шкиперов на Moscow Dive Show
Yachting. Lease of yachts, services of skippers.

Яхтинг. Маршруты для подводников. - на Moscow Dive Show.
Yachting. Routes for submariners.

Кайтинг. Обучение и снаряжение.
Kiting. Training and equipment.

Серфинг. Обучение и снаряжение - на Moscow Dive Show.
Surfing. Training and equipment.

Водный туризм. Организация сплавов. - на Moscow Dive Show
Boating. Organization of alloys.

Водные активности. Всё для развлечений на воде.
Water activities. All for entertainment on water.

Плавучие причалы. Организация мобильных стоянок.
Floating moorings. Organization of mobile parking.


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