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Indonesia at the Moscow Dive Show 2020

20 Dec 2019

Komodo, Ubud, Bali and other well-liked and alluring spots of sunny Indonesia are known to be exotic and almost inaccessible for hikers, but they warmly welcome those travelers, which come there by safari yachts. There are blanket fish, turtles, sharks, seahorses, coral reefs, sunken ships and numerous schools of fish! Diving, freediving and snorkeling in these spots will reward your eye and warm your heart. Land routes are exciting as well, you will enjoy waterfalls, lagoons, Papuan villages and endless beaches. Not even to mention the gorgeous sunsets! This haven is worth for you just go and look up for yourself.

Indonesia will be represented at the Moscow Dive Show 2020 by the following:

Agusta Eco Dive Resort, Raja Ampat — booth R 1/2 (guided tours, diving and snorkeling in the Raja Ampat Marine Park)
Bali-Club — booth F 2/6 (Russian dive center in Bali)
DiveDamai — booth N 1/1 (diving safari by yacht)
My Adventure Indonesia — Е 2/2 (diving safari by yacht)
Pearl of Papua Liveaboard — booth F 2/1 (diving safari by yacht)
Solitude — N 1/1 (safari yachts, several directions)
Tiare Cruise — D 5/3 (yacht trips along the Indonesian islands)

We encourage you to visit the above-mentioned booths, make friends with Indonesian representatives, find out the terms and conditions of services and choose the best offer.

As well we welcome Indonesian exhibitors! Hurry up to book the booth and join our fine Indonesian bunch at the Moscow Dive Show 2020!