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Important news on the Moscow Dive Show!

27 Feb 2020

1. Dates for the next year Show are fixed – the Show will be held 4 to 7 of February, 2021. We’ve been thinking over possible change of the dates, shifting them one week ahead, but the busy sequence of exhibitions calendar makes such changes quite difficult. The overall consent is required for that, giving us two only options: the mutual agreement of all events held in February and March or no changes. The next Show dates stand close to Boot Dusseldorf again (23-31 January, 2021), so Asian and American participants will have the opportunity to attend 2 European exhibitions for two weeks. Chinese New Year will be on 12 February 2021 and this suite our dates as well (the Coronavirus should be fought off by the moment).

2. Loyal exhibitors have started to rebook the booths for the next edition actively. After 25 of March we plan to place on our web site the layout with booths which are available for booking. Please check for updates, all the latest information is always on the Show website.

3. We plan to publish detailed results and analytics for the Show in just a few days. We ask all the visitors to fill the questionnaire at entrance for this purpose exactly. And now we present the most important figures and trends.

- Visitors number rose for 10%. It is not such an easy task to keep a rising trend for five successive years, but we managed to do that. "Agitation and Promotion" department had made a huge contribution to this dynamics by injecting dozens of news into the media.

- We managed to "spread" visitors traffic through the Show days. Saturday remained the main day of the Show attracting more than a half of the visitors. But this time Thursday surprised us, becoming quite crowded (+28% to 2019), and animated Sunday attracted many people as well.

- The share of visitors from Moscow decreased. This is a very important measure of the exhibition quality. Third part of visitors came to Moscow from other cities and countries purposely for the Show. The share of visitors from Saint Petersburg increased significantly, to 7% compared with 4% in 2019.

- Field of travel destinations remained mostly the same. It should be noted though that Maldives clearly took the 2nd place after Egypt in terms of popularity, and Vietnam became visible in TOP10.

Please do not hesitate to direct all your ideas and proposals to the Show Organizers, we promise to read them carefully and reply.

Dear exhibitors and visitors,

We will keep doing our best to match your expectations!