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TETIS.RU's Photo Contest at Moscow Dive Show

June 08, 2017

A new photo contest has started under the auspices of the largest divers' web portal TETIS.RU and the Aqualung brand. Underwater photographs will be accepted from June 8 to December 29, while the awarding ceremony will take place on the main stage of Moscow Dive Show 2018 on Saturday, February 3.

Award categories

  1. My Aqua Lung
    The best photo showing Aqua Lung equipment.
  2. Flora & fauna
    The inhabitants of oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, and other water bodies in their natural habitat.
  3. Faces
    Humans, fish, sea mammals, invertebrates, and arthopods Ц whomever you choose.
    There are two main conditions:
    1) the photo should be a close-up of the subject;
    2) the photo should reflect the character of the subject, their emotions and mood.
  4. All facets of diving
    This is a contest for all divers. Underwater or split photos, made with any underwater camera, on any depth, will be accepted.
  5. Macro
    We believe that no special explanations are needed here Ц this category can be called classic and includes close-ups of small objects.
  6. Humans underwater
    The photo should display a human being as the subject. It could be a scuba-diver, a freediver, a swimmer, a plunger, a snorkeler, a frogman, a model. A human posing, swimming, resting, meditating, working. Humans and sea. Or a lake. Or a river. Or a swimming pool. Or, in other words, humans underwater.
  7. A rare shot
    An unusual moment, a lucky shot, an unexpected situation, a rare animal, or a not so rare animal in rare and unusual circumstances.
  8. The best point-and-shoot camera shot
    Underwater point-and-shoot cameras are becoming more and more popular among all categories of water-loving holidaymakers. Underwater photos taken with amphibious cameras with no housing or boxed action cameras of a GoPro type. The only limitation is that only photos made in 2017 with the saved EXIF data will be accepted.
  9. The best children's photo
    Underwater photographs taken by children less than 16 years old in any natural or artificial water bodies in 2017 will be accepted. There are no conditions regarding cameras, but the child should be ready to explain where, with what camera, and how she or he made their masterpiece.
You can download photos and find all the detailed information about the contest here http://www.tetis.ru/photo/.

Photos by the winners of 2014 photo contest