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Moscow Dive Show 2018 Ц Update on the Preparations

May 25, 2017

Three pavilions, 176 applied companies, notable newcomers among the participants. The organizing team reports on the progress achieved in the preparations to Moscow Dive Show 2018, which will be held at the same venue in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center during the first days of February.

ѕодготовка к Moscow Dive Show 2018

Packing with participants: The question new participants always ask is "How many companies have already applied for 2018?" We can answer this with precision. We have finished extending contracts with our permanent participants, and the engagement of new ones is well underway. The great majority have already put their deposits or fully paid for their participation, and the list comprises of 176 companies. There are no refusals, only several undecided applicants, but we are convinced that over time these will arrive to the only right decision, too. You can always find the latest updates to the list of participants and their location here, on the room plan http://www.diveshow.ru/shema.php. This is the only plan we have, and there are no "secret", "the most real" plans whatsoever. The whole trough is always on our website.

New participants: In the dive clubs segment, it is comforting to see a participant so mighty and distinguished as the Aquanaut club; all the three major players of the Moscow training and tourism market have been now brought together at Moscow Dive Show Ц RuDive, Crocodile and Aquanaut. Among the world diving tourism sector representatives we note the luxurious liveaboard Pearl of Papua, offering top routes to Raja Ampat. In the underwater equipment segment, the exhibition stand of Hydraulic Pro, presenting professional equipment for work underwater, is sure to stir up interest.


Rooms layout
: The most attentive readers have probably noticed already that the new plan of the exhibition uses all three adjacent pavilions Ц 4, 4.1 and 4.2 (in 2017, pavilion 4.2 was not used). The logics behind the expansion is as follows: The new pavilion 4.2 will serve as the new place for the food court that will undergo a major change Ц we are going to give up the idea of one catering subcontractor and set up multiple small yummy stalls offering delicious foodies. Also in this pavilion, there will be a large screen on which underwater filmswill be shown non-stop, as well as Divers Beach, a full relaxation area with palm trees and rows of stylish sunbeds allowing exhausted visitors to enjoy some rest. The main scene with a large LED display, together with extra bars and coffee houses will remain in the left pavilion 4.1. All presentations and shows will be held here. Therefore, there will be more activity in the upper right corner of the main pavilion 4, as this will be the passage to pavilion 4.2. Pavilion 4.1, as we said earlier, will be busy thanks to the main scene and bars located there.

Be brave and send all your suggestions and thoughts on how to improve the best diving exhibition to the head of Moscow Dive Show project Georgy Zdanovsky at georgy@diveshow.ru.