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From February 2 to February 5, 2017 in the Exhibition Center "Sokolniki" Moscow Dive Show exhibition devoted to all underwater and water will take place. Divers, underwater hunters, freedivers, and also yachtsmen, kayter, surfers and water tourists, related on spirit, are ideally suited under a classical stamp "leading active lifestyle". And they lead this active lifestyle on lakes, the seas and oceans, the most part of time being just on their coast, but not under water.


All submariners are also a little bit "beach man", and the part of "beach man" in resorts once becomes submariners, plunging under sensitive supervision of a dive instructor.
Now on Moscow Dive Show it is possible not only to update underwater equipment or to choose dive tour but also to prepare itself and the family for a meeting with the sun and water.

      Moscow Dive Show
Swim suits and slips for adults

Swimming suits and slips for children

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Beach fashion. Pareo, scarfs, capes, dresses

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"Serf" fashion. Shorts, t-shirts, bedroom-slippers

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Sunburn cosmetics

Sun-protection suits for children

   Moscow Dive Show

   Moscow Dive Show
Water entertainments

   Moscow Dive Show
Beach gadgets


Sunny Boys
Seabike by MODULE O1/1