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Журнал «Предельная Глубина»

Phone: 8 (495) 730-55-46
Web site: http://pglubina.ru

The Ultimate Depth exists since 2005:

volume = 144±16 pages plus cover
six issues per year (bimonthly)
#60 out in November 2014
printed in the EU (Estonia)

The magazine’s ambition is to become
the one and only specialized source for underwater-related topics for a wider audience of both divers and non-divers.

A typical edition has:

10 photo double-spreads
20 full page photographs
no page without illustration!

Typical publication sizes:

3-4 articles 10-15k characters each
5-6 articles 4-6k characters each
3-4 mixed reviews with 5-10 shorties < 1000 characters each

Maps, schemes, diagrams are all in.

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