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Сахалин Дайвинг

Phone: +7-914-758-28-10
Web site: http://sakhalin-diving.ru/
E-mail: diver2002@list.ru

Our club of fans of scuba diving "Sakhalin Diving" is located on the island of Sakhalin, one of the most extreme regions of our huge homeland. You think that Sakhalin is far on the edge of the earth –absolutely not, only eight hours of flight on a comfortable airliner and you are on a visit.

We don't suggest to go with us to Philippines, Egypt or Maldives, we have the nature with saturated flora and fauna on the land and under water. Places are severe, but attractive and attracting. We suggest to visit Sakhalin and take pleasure in all delights of the island nature and the underwater world together with us. The club has a base with housing and infrastructure which is on the bank of the gulf Aniwa at distance of 55 km from the airport.

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