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The Russian company "Dusol" is the developer and manufacturer of the world's only electronic slate for diving DUSLATE, which, thanks to a unique liquid crystal screen (analogue of electronic paper), allows you to record and draw diagrams, as well as exchange messages with other divers underwater at a depth of 60 meters. Most divers are familiar with hand signals, but sometimes it is necessary to write non-standard messages or change the dive plan right under the water. DUSLATE is perfect for this. It also allows for more effective pre-dive briefings and diving training sessions, including special courses. To erase information, simply bring the end of the stylus to a special place on the body. It takes less than 1 second. The quality of the LCD screen allows you to plan dives and sketch diagrams with a high degree of detail, despite the compact size of the device. In this case, due to the unique properties of the screen, energy is spent only on activating the erasing function (clearing the screen). We use only the latest technology in our products.

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