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The Moscow Dive Show 2022 Preparation Process Recent Updates

01 Nov 2021

The start of the exhibition is less than four months away. We share the latest news from the organizing committee, which, despite lockdowns and covid storms, is continuously working on preparing the world's best water exhibition (well, in Russia and Eastern Europe we are definitely the biggest and most beautiful :) We are making deal with exhibitors (80% of the area has already been sold), selecting speakers and films for the cultural program, improving the food court and auditorium (there will be a 6x9 meter LCD screen!), launching advertising and simultaneously solving hundreds of other tasks to please the underwater and surface community in February.

1. Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, February 17-20
All our news begins with this block, because there are still fellows who escape from any information flows. We know, there are only a few of them, but they should also be in the right place and at the right time. Now we are going back to the classic February dates again. And we stay in former place — Gostiny Dvor, the best exhibition complex a stone's throw from the Kremlin with a huge glass atrium and a unique historical atmosphere of the XVIII century.

2. Tickets and discounts
On November 15, ticket sales will start. No changes: standard ticket is for 1 person, and family ticket — for the whole family members at once. A husband and wife, their children (if their age is less than 18), grandparents — all of them can get to the exhibition on a family ticket. Civil marriage does not give the right to buy a family ticket, but it is a great reason to register your marriage officially :)

The earlier you buy a ticket, the bigger is the discount!

The ticket is valid for all 4 days of the exhibition! Every day there is a rich program on stage and in the conference hall, come several times.
Purchase date Standard ticket
Family ticket
Nov15 — Dec 31
350 RUB. 500 RUB.
Jan 1 — Feb 16
450 RUB. 600 RUB.
Feb 17 — Feb 20
500 RUB. 700 RUB.

You can buy a ticket online with a discount herehttps://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/show/bilety/

3. Our honor and respect to professionals!
From November 15 to January 15, you can register and get your personal badge of PROFESSIONAL. This badges are issued to:
— divers who have a valid certificate of a dive instructor or a dive master;
— freedivers who have a valid instructor certificate;
— civilian and military divers with valid qualifications of category 4-7 or dive veterans;
— yacht skippers who have a license of any kind.

The PROFESSIONAL badge gives the right to multiple access to the exhibition during working hours on all days from February 17 to February 20, 2022. You can register herehttps://www.diveshow.ru/exhibitors/Professional/

At the exhibition in April, 2021, 1158 professionals were registered, that was an absolute record for all the years of the event. We hope to update the record in February 2022.The top three training systems based on the results of registration for the Moscow Dive Show 2021 were:
* NDL — 403 divers;
* PADI — 286 divers;
* CMAS — 171 divers.

4. The show is free for students!
If children are the flowers of our life, students are ripe berries: they are our hope, future support and those to whom we will pass the torch of our hobbies in the next dozen years. Future divers, yachtsmen, underwater hunters, freedivers, surfers and activists of aquatic life. In 2022, we are opening the doors of the Moscow Dive Show to all students — fill out the form on diveshow.ru, show your student ID at the entrance and join our ranks! The form will be published and available from November 15 to January 15.

Have you read it? Got it? Tell your friend!

5. Egypt's Special Area at Moscow Drive Show 2022
We are celebrating the opening of direct flights! So we launch a separate location for the compact placement of Egyptian dive centers, hotels and safari yachts. There would be equipped stands from 9 to 15 square meters around the perimeter, in the center around the spreading palm trees we will install tables and chairs to communicate with visitors of the exhibition in atmosphere of a cozy oasis. Maximum focus of attention and convenience for visitors. Look for the A4 island on the floor plan at https://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/shemasecret.php

6. Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel**** — our official accommodation
Delicious breakfast, shuttle to the exhibition and a discount to our visitors! The stylish hotel with bars, restaurants and a swimming pool rises above the famous Sokolniki Park and is located in close proximity to the Sokolniki metro station. Gostiny Dvor exhibition Center can be reached in 25-30 minutes by a free shuttle (for those who have booked a room through the Moscow Dive Show organizing committee) or in 20 minutes by subway — 6 stations without changing the line and 500 meters of walking in the historical center of Moscow.

One night in a double room with a luxurious breakfast and careful shuttle delivery to the entrance to the exhibition will cost 3600 rubles from Monday to Thursday and 2750 rubles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is convenient to book and pay for a room herehttps://www.moscowdiveshow.ru/wss/hotels/

7. Thematic days
— Thursday, February 17th. Education, medicine and security.
— Friday, February 18. Techno/speleo/rack diving.
— Saturday, February 19th. Spearfishing, diving, yachting and tourism.
— Sunday, February 20th. Freediving and underwater photography.
Maximum of events, presentations, master classes, promotions and sales on the chosen topic will be concentrated on this days.

8. Show bill and cultural life
The work on forming the schedule of performances on the main stage and in the conference hall is in full swing. The show bill will be published on the website in the second half of November, but for now we can tell about the most important parts of it.
— Russian seas. In February, the brightest speakers will gather on the main stage, ready to reveal secrets and useful tips about conquering the vast expanses of seas of Russia. Let's look at the marine theme from all angles — the best diving spots, underwater hunting areas, bridgeheads for training freedivers, routes for yachtsmen and roots for travelers. Every day will be thematic, on Thursday we will start with the warmest Black Sea, on Friday we will lower the temperature and discuss the northern territories — White and Barents seas, Saturday is the day of the Far East and Primorye — Japanese, Okhotsk and Bering seas, and on Sunday we will finish the review with Baltic stories. Blocks of 2 hours, each with 6-8 speakers.

What locations are definitely worth visiting, and what are definitely not, what to look for underwater, where to stay comfortably on the shore — everything that a traveler who plans to dive, fish or take pictures needs to know. Let's get ready for the season'2022!
— Medicine and Insurance. On Thursday, we will present the reports of the best medical specialists of the country, as well as representation of the domestic and foreign insurance business. The consequences of covid and the collected data on its impact on divers, news of scientific research, analysis of specific cases and answers to your questions of course.
— The second rebreather conference.On Friday, the chiefs will gather on the stage in order to speak about innovations, share plans, and sort out problematic situations. As always, we are going to continue the communication in the cozy atmosphere of the conference room.

— Heroes of the deep.The review of underwater and surface achievements will take place at 17.00 on Saturday on the main stage. Now we will chouse one hero for each nomination and give him the opportunity to show his video without haste and communicate with the public. Nominations in 2022:
* Icy heart. Diving under the ice.
* Ultimate depth of complexity. Different, but very difficult dives.
* Depth of definition. Rare underwater shots.
* One breath. Nomination for achievements in freediving.
* Search and find. Underwater research.
* The engine of progress. Improvements in training or equipment.
* The way of spear. Nomination of underwater hunters.

Send your ideas on the nominees tooleg@diveshow.ru

— Gift hour. On Saturday, the most popular and beloved event will take place on the main stage at 19.00, where tones of valuable equipment, as well as certificates for travels and trainings will be played. To participate in the draw, simply bring the bracelet to the terminals, which will be installed 2 hours before the start in front of the main stage. Take a seat in the auditorium and pay close attention to the big screen, on which your last name may flash.

9. What about arriving by car?
Cheap parkings near the Kremlin have not been built in a year, so it's ideal to get to the Show by taxi or subway. Parking in GUM opposite the entrance to the exhibition costs 300 rubles/hour.

Convenient viewing of information about the exhibition on a smartphone —MOSCOW.DIVESHOW.RU

See you in February! Any questions email to info@diveshow.ru