Moscow Dive Show 2025 — the main exhibition for the water man

 Any supplies for water-related activities. 

Moscow Dive Show is the largest exhibition of equipment, tourism and training for all "underwater" and "water" people in Russia and Eastern Europe — diving, spearfishing, freediving, underwater photography, yachting, surfing and SUP, water tourism, as well as equipment for swimming pools and beach activities.

Gostiny Dvor is a premium exhibition venue in the heart of the capital, just a stone's throw from Red Square. Built in the late 18th century by the Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi, it occupies an entire block between Varvarka and Ilinka streets.

The 12,000-square-meter interior atrium size is comparable to Venice's San Marco Square, and the unsupported glass ceiling is still the largest in Europe.

Mission of the exhibition

- The main showroom of the water industry. Imagine that your stand is an office, a travel agency, or a store that only works for four exhibition days, but receives the maximum flow of interested visitors. Get quick sales on the site and a stock of "warm" customers for the entire season;

- B2B maximum. More than 10% of the surveyed visitors noted that the purpose of visiting the exhibition is business interests: wholesale purchases of equipment, direct booking of blocks of places in hotels and on safari yachts, offering the exhibition participants their own goods and services;

- Conversion of profile groups of clients. Combining both underwater and surface activities on the same site provides excellent prerequisites for the arrival of new customers from adjacent "water" sectors. Divers become yachtsmen, freedivers try the kite, yachtsmen master spearfishing. The variety of destinations presented at the exhibition leads to an increase in visitor traffic and the effectiveness of the site, which is especially important for nonresident and foreign visitors, for whom visiting the exhibition is associated with significant costs;

- Large market and retail sales. Visitors are used to spending money on the Moscow Dive Show — the maximum range and special discounts motivate you to the main shopping season;

- Cultural and business program. Do not miss the opportunity for additional promotion of your business — a large stage and a spacious conference room, every day, from morning to evening.

- The main Water Exhibition for Russia and the post-Soviet countries. Develop your business through the Moscow Dive Show in several countries at once: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. There are no such exhibitions in these countries, and almost all active market players come to the Moscow exhibition once a year.


How it was in 2023

Figures and Facts






Business opportunities

A special place at the Moscow Dive Show is occupied by presentations, seminars and master classes prepared by specialists of companies in the equipment manufacturing, training and tourism industries. It is profitable and convenient for everyone. Conference rooms are available for pre-booking, and the exhibition's technical specialists will help you organize events in the best possible way.



"An unbelievable exhibition. Compared to it, those ones in which we participated before, were out of their depths..."
Mihail Saveliev, skipper at the Russian Yacht Center (Pirate Sailing Festival, Volvo Russian Sailing Week)
"Moscow Dive Show is one of our very favorites, we make sure to attend every year because it’s the perfect place to rekindle relationships with both old and new clients. We are greatly looking forward to the 2022 show where we will be attending as always. Can’twait!"
Pedro Aguilar CEO Club Cantamarliveaboards and resorts, (Mexico, La Paz)
"The last exhibition was indicative. Our diving community has received such a bright and rich format, which seemed impossible a couple of years ago. The exhibition was visited by the main helmsmen of the world diving industry, who brought products and special conditions for our market. I know first-hand that visitors were very pleased. We didn’t expect to see so many keen and committed divers.
It turned out to be a perfectly organized holiday with an incredibly positive and business-like atmosphere!"
Natalya Artiomenko, Crocodile Diving Club

Retail sales

The Moscow exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for active retail sales. Historically, the practice of large deferred demand in the run – up to the February exhibition is that people start planning a big shopping trip at the Moscow Dive Show in a few months. The maximum range, discounts and a festive atmosphere-this is the simple secret of this cocktail. More than half of the visitors do not leave the exhibition without shopping.

The buyer's basket at the Moscow Dive Show looks something like this:
  • Underwater equipment. New items and sale of old collections.
  • Unique products that are not presented in wide retail chains. Rare brands. Custom models.
  • Gadgets and underwater accessories. Products for outdoor activities.
  • Tours and divesafari.
  • Training in diving, freediving and spearfishing.;
  • Yachting training, sailing trips and regattas.
  • Surfboards, SUP boards, kayaks, and other ways to navigate the water.
  • Souvenirs, artifacts, and themed clothing.
  • Delicacies – fish, caviar, honey, etc.
To return from the exhibition not only with a pack of business cards, but also with live money – this task can be set for each participant of the Moscow Dive Show. There is no price dumping at the exhibition, but various forms of motivating customers to make decisions directly during the exhibition days brought a concrete result. Prepare a special offer and customers will vote with their wallet.
Бизнес программа - Moscow Dive Show



At the Moscow Dive Show, a special space is dedicated to the topic of professional divers: civil and military divers, diving doctors, rescuers, specialists in ship lifting and organization of underwater technical works.

At the stands of the participants of the PRO.Diving Project, you can get acquainted with professional equipment for underwater technical work, consult with developers and suppliers, find professionals for the most complex underwater work or offer your candidacy for work in diving companies.

The organizer of the "PRO.Diving Project" is the magazine "Neptune XXI century".
Водолазный проект - Moscow Dive Show

Водолазный проект - Moscow Dive Show     Водолазный проект - Moscow Dive Show


In addition to underwater hobbies-diving, spearfishing and underwater photography, freediving-special attention of visitors is focused on the surface sector-yachting, kiting, surfing, kayaking and water tourism. WATER SPORT SALON is an exhibition within an exhibition format, with a dedicated space in the pavilion, a special advertising campaign and an independent website watersport. salon, which publishes all the latest news of yachtsmen, surfers and kiters participating in the exhibition.
WATER SPORT SALON - Moscow Dive Show

WATER SPORT SALON - Moscow Dive Show     WATER SPORT SALON - Moscow Dive Show

Prices and booths

1 sq. m. shell space — €265.
The price includes everything you need for work – walls, frieze lettering, table and chairs, hanger, podium, socket. The stands with an area of 12 sq. m and more include a utility room with a door. We also suggest you to study the full list of additional equipment.
Three-dimensional wooden panels with a height of 3500 mm make even small stands very impressive. Also, wall panels allow you to professionally fill vinyl banners and, if necessary, screw screws into them for fixing structures or design elements (the limit is 4 screws per panel).

Building concept

  • Standard construction with a depth of 2 or 3 meters. Area from 4 to 24 sq. m.;
  • Detached "islands" from 25 sq. m.;
  • Individual development of an unequipped area. Requires prior accreditation of the developer company from the organizers.
Концепция застройки - Moscow Dive Show

Концепция застройки - Moscow Dive Show     Концепция застройки - Moscow Dive Show

Ambassador of the exhibition —
world record holder Alexey Molchanov

  • Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov was the first on the planet to overcome the depth of 130 meters by holding his breath. Just a mask, fins, and a fantastic talent.

    Алексей Молчанов - бренд-амбассадор oscow Dive Show Алексей Молчанов - бренд-амбассадор oscow Dive Show Алексей Молчанов - бренд-амбассадор oscow Dive Show

Conference hall

The conference hall with a capacity of 100 people will allow you to hold a presentation, a press conference or a master class in a comfortable business environment. The rental price is 12,000 rubles per hour. Included: tables, chairs, large plasma panel, speakers with microphone and technical support.

Cultural programme


The substantial part of the Moscow Dive Show is the program of shows and performances on the main stage. The large screen and loud sound turn this zone into a concentration of the main visitors. The best films, performances of big names in the underwater and on-the-water activities, presentations of countries and regions, conferences in various fields (held by photographers, caving and technical divers, freedivers) and summing up creative contests and festivals. All that pleases eyes and ears of the Moscow Dive Show guests from morning to evening. Next to the stage there is a food-court zone with delicious drinks and nutritious snacks.

Tickets to the exhibition are valid for all 4 days of its work, which encourages to visit the event again and to choose the most relevant events on the stage and in conference halls. This is also important for retail stands at the Moscow Dive Show, since visitors can make a purchase decision during their second or third visit.

Hotels and visa

Maroseyka 215 Hotel

Maroseyka 215 Hotel is located in the very center of Moscow, at the intersection of Maroseyka Street and Lubyansky Proezd.

The hotel offers beautiful views of Staraya Ploshchad Square, the Monument to the Heroes of Plevna, Maroseyka and Ilyinka streets and the Spasskaya Tower of the Moskvovsky Kremlin.

Within walking distance from the hotel are the main attractions:
- Red Square, where you can visit the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, Mausoleum, Historical Museum. Distance and time:1200 m, 15 min.
- Gostiny Dvor, distance and time: 650 m, 8 min.
- Polytechnic Museum, distance and time: 350 m, 4 min.
- Bolshoi Theatre, distance and time: 1100 m, 14 min.
- Chistye Prudy, distance and time: 1100 m, 14 min.
- GUM, distance and time: 1000m., 12 min.
- Detsky Mir (opened after reconstruction), distance and time: 700 m, 9 min.

One of the exits of Kitay-Gorod metro station is located on the first floor of the building.

Now you have learned everything about the Moscow Dive Show 2025, which will be held on February 20-23 in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow, Russia.