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25 Nov 2021

WANTED! ATTENTION! We are looking for underwater photographers who use closed—loop breathing apparatus — rebreathers for their dives!

A conference on the use of rebreathers in recreational diving is planned to be held at the Moscow Dive Show 2022. If you dive on a rebreather and take pictures underwater, we invite you to come forward at the exhibition and tell everyone about your experience of diving with a camera and without bubbles. Please send an application for participation in the conference and a short story about your underwater experience to alex@diveshow.ru

Pictured: The great Hans Hass, an Austrian zoologist and marine researcher, who began diving and photographing underwater with an oxygen rebreather back in 1937. For diving, he used an oxygen rebreather Dr?gerwerk AG. It was he who took the first high-quality underwater photographs of sharks and coral reefs, and became a true pioneer of underwater photography of the twentieth century. In 1949, together with the German company Franke & Heidecke, he developed the underwater box Rolleimarin for the Rolleiflex wide-film camera.