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To the attention of underwater photographers!

23 Jan 2021

We’re starting the selection of participants of the underwater photography exhibition to be held in April at the Moscow Dive Show 2021.

The largest underwater photography exhibition is open to both amateurs and professionals.


The format of underwater photos should be 60 cm x 90 cm. We welcome any theme and any creative concept, including collages if they meet aesthetics standards.

The number of works from one author to be exhibited is limited. The application process will be stopped when the exhibition space is fully occupied.

Detailed requirements for design and printing of photos, as well as the conditions of participation in the exhibition will be sent to you in response to your application.

Please send the photos you have selected for the exhibition to foto@diveshow.ru and wait for reply from the photo exhibition curator Vladimir Gudzev, confirming that your works have been accepted. Please do not start printing your photos for display until you have such a confirmation!

Please note! All the participants of the photo exhibition or their assistants/representatives should be ready to take part in the installation (April 7 from 13:00) and dismantling (April 11 after 16:00) of the works.

Also notice that the lighting of the display panel with the exhibition photos shall be paid for, and the price is 1800 rubles (per one panel).

Good news for you! This year, the Show visitors shall be able to vote for the photographer, whose works impress them most of all, right at the exhibition floor.

To do that the visitors shall put their Access Wristband to EXPODAT Terminal and choose the photographer they consider as the best one. The photographer who wins the majority of votes will get the Audience Award from the organizers.

Please send your questions and applications to Vladimir Gudzev at foto@diveshow.ru. You can also contact Vladimir by phone: +7 916 659 93 47.

We are looking forward to receive your photos!