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Underwater panoramas AIRPANO.COM

A breathtaking journey into the depths of the ocean with a virtual reality headset!

  • To dive 20 meters deep with a shiver of Caribbean Reef sharks,
  • to have a hundred-meter swimming race with a sea turtle,
  • to touch a poisonous jellyfish,
  • to dodge the clanking jaws of a great white shark,
  • to find the treasures of sunken ships....

- all this you can try without any danger to life and the risk of nitrogen poisoning.

The highest quality and the detailization of this video along with the rich colors will give you an incredible feeling. No computer graphics! You will be able to experience what people who dive in Mexico, Colombia, Micronesia and Cuba feel, and even more! That is what new technologies, successfully applied by the AirPano team, allow.

You can watch this video using virtual reality headset at our stand, as well as on the screen of your phone or tablet, by scanning the QR code.

AirPano is a project created by a team of professionals specializing in 360° photos and 360° high-resolution videos that are taken from the air.

But when we have shot more than 300 of the most beautiful places all over the planet, using drones, helicopters and balloons, we felt that the sky is no longer enough for us. And then we came up with an even more difficult task: to dive in order to capture 360 ° beauties of the underwater world, and we want to share them with you at this exhibition.

Diving with a white shark

Diving with sharks

Diving with a turtle