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Moscow Dive Show in mass media

1. Interview on "Komsomolskaya Pravda" radio station.

Klim Kolosov, the editor-in-chief of the "Ultimate depth" magazine in the interview on "Komsomolskaya Pravda" radio station: why depth is so tempt, whether mankind should think about moving under water and why sould one visit the Moscow Dive Show.

2. Detailed interview with Klim Kolosov, the editor-in-chief of "Ultimate depth" magazine, in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" newspaper on the eve of the Moscow Dive Show 2018.

"Divers keep searching for the Atlantis. The last widely published research – some pyramid-shaped formation in the waters of the Azores. That's probably where Atlantis should be located..."

3. «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» invites everyone to the Show

"Moscow Dive Show is a meeting place for professionals and fans of underwater and water sports and recreation. In last years, the exhibition has become the largest event dedicated to diving, freediving and underwater photography in Russia and Eastern Europe. But despite the word ”DIVE” in the title, Moscow Dive Show is more than just divers event."

4. Moscow Dive Show-2018 report in « Vechernyaya Moskva».

"Pearl shells, corals, funny clown fishes and dangerous sharks – who never dreamed of peeping at the beauty of the underwater world? The ocean is a second homeplace for divers. All fans of diving gathered in the capital of Russia visiting the largest exhibition of equipment and entertainment for all "underwater" and "water" people — the Moscow Dive Show".

5. The «Russkaya Planeta» website report from Moscow Dive Show

"The most valuable thing — the exhibition gives you a chance not only to touch everything, try it on, buy and save a lot of money on sales, but also choose training options, choose a diving Safari or a tour for trophy underwater hunting, repair the equipment that failed and so on. Famous sportsmen, travelers, scientists and publishers share their unique experience with beginners and advanced divers."

6. Underwater photo collection from Moscow Dive Show in «Russkiy Reporter».

7. " MAXIM" magazine collection of photos made by Anatoly Beloshin, the Moscow Dive Show resident.

8. «Water bike in russian style: moscovites are imbressed with new items on «Moscow Dive Show 2018»

FAN-TV reporter tells about Moscow Dive Show 2018. She interviewed Alexey Molchanov, the ОceanWork CEO Denis Davydov, Seabike CEO Alexey Lukyanov, the president of Canadian company Nautilus Maik Lever and tourist agent from TimTrip company Anastasia Tuzhikova.

9. Georgy Zdanovsky in «Samoe Ono!» show on « Mediametriks» radio station.

10. « Russian Photo» web project about Moscow Dive Show

"Underwater photographers have their own place where they all gather once a year — it's Moscow Dive Show, the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe exhibition of underwater and water sports and entertainment. And it's the only event in our country dedicated to underwater photography."

11. « Russian Photo» web project about photo contests on Moscow Dive Show

"Moscow Dive Show is the largest exhibition of underwater and water sports in Russia and Eastern Europe, ans there are three competitions for underwater photographers on it. The first one is for professionals, the second one — for everyone, and the third is addressed not to those, who have been perfecting their skills for years, but to those, who are suddenly lucky with a successful shot."

12. Seabike in lottery on air — «Silver Rain » radio station makes the diver's dream come true.

13. «Unlimited depth». «Mir Vpechatleniy» about most exciting moments of Moscow Dive Show 2018.

14. The diver's chart: «Mir Vpechatleniy» about popular sites for divers

The chart of popular diving sites based on results of the previous show — separately for professionals and fans.

15. Tourist activities of Moscow Dive Show 2018 on «Mir Vpechatleniy»

16. PROturizm about cool russian ice-tourism

Where the divers dive in Russia? What can they find interesting in our waters? What is Russian diving, harsh and ruthless? PROturizm reviews wrecks for ice diving in Russia.