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Poster Moscow Dive Show 2024 for Saturday, February 10

09 Feb 2024

And we continue to welcome guests at Gostiny Dvor at the Moscow Dive Show 2024. And we have a day ahead filled with the most exciting events - Saturday!

Cinema on stage

10:00 — "On the edge of the possible.” Film about the world high-altitude diving record .

Travel at the exhibition

12:00 — stand D3/2 — "How to travel with the whole family.” Olga Lukova about family freedive travel.
13:00 - stage - "White Sea Fairy Tale”. Georgy Zdanovsky, Vadim Orlov and Ekaterina Sedova will tell you how to combine a land-based program of visiting the Solovetsky Monastery, uninhabited islands and bays of Pomerania with diving, freediving, spearfishing and fishing.
14:00 - stand D3/2 - Tatyana Yablokova about what is important for a freediver to take into account when choosing travel locations.
14:30 — "Seawolf fleet: new ships, routes and safety standards.”
16:00 — Raffle for a trip to Moneron.
16:30 - stand B6/5 - Cuban party. For everyone! Incendiary Latin music, refreshing special mojito. a recipe from Yuri Reboredo himself, a master class on rolling cigars from the Havana Tonsedoros.
16:30 — Maldives Tourism Department on the secrets of a perfect holiday.
18:00 - stand C8/2 - gift drawing from the Absolut-tour company.

Interesting things on stage

11:00 — New diver insurance program from the Capital-Policy company.
11:30 — Philipp Moiseev will present effective methods of training navigators of sailing and motor yachts at the Captain Polo yacht school.
12:00 — "Sharks: why they attack and what to do about it” will be told by Dmitry Orlov.
12:30 — Russia's first paradiver, diving instructor Andrey Tikhomirov.
12:45 — "Anything is possible!” Alexander Kusakin about the first world parafreediving championship and more.
13:30 — "The secrets of neoprene. Aurora is the new coating from Yamamoto." Alexander Yarmysh will present new products from Aquadiscovery.
14:00 — How to become a world record holder in freediving. Andrey Matveenko about the thorny path of a freediver athlete.
15:00 — "Knowledge is power!” Mikhail Safonov on the intelligence of marine mammals.
15:30 — "Wild underwater world.” 10 years of the underwater photography festival.
17.00 — "Heroes of the Depth.” The main review of water achievements for 2023. Konstantin Bogdanov, Alexey Molchanov, Grigory Galeev, Efim Vidinzho, Amina Chernichenko, Elena Kashina, Yuri Vinnikov, Vyacheslav Melikhov, Maxim Mironov, Andrey Matveenko, Evgenia Kirpichenkova, Andrey Balta, Denis Dyagterev, Dmitry Kokh, Andrey Narchuk, Stepan Reshetnikov, Sergey Shanin .
18.30 —Awarding the winners of the international underwater photography competition Rivers, seas, lakes of Russia XVI.
19.00 — Gift hour. A grand drawing of valuable equipment, as well as certificates for travel and training, is the central event of MoscowDiveShow. Anyone can win a prize!

In the conference room

12:00 — Sergey Baykov about the advantages and disadvantages of closed-circuit diving.
13:00 — Round table for representatives of PADI dive centers. Pre-registration required
14:00 - Otitis externa in divers. Opinion of an otolaryngologist. Spray Iar Pro in the prevention of swimmer's ear disease.
15:00 — PADI Forum. For PADI Professionals only.
17:00 — Cardiologist Maria Arzhakova on the prevention of heart and vascular diseases in divers.
18:00 — Big presentation of SARGAN and SARGAN Sport. Vyacheslav Baranki about new equipment for 2024/2025.

At the participants' stands

At the RuDive stand C2/1, Liliya Vinogradova teaches everyone to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation
11:00 - stand A1/4 - "Business and diving. How to start your own business and not go broke.” The head of the Tortuga DC and the leading specialist of the Coaching Center for diving pros, Elena Naida, will share her secrets.
12:00 - stand B6/3 - at the Diving Studio stand, the first and only PADI Mermaid level instructor in Russia, Natalya Semenkova, will tell you all about training mermaids.
12:00 — stand C2/1 — Natalia Chervyakova’s story about how and why researchers dive underwater and how ordinary amateur divers can help them.
13:00 - stand D3/2 - Dmitry Vlasov on the need for physical training for freedivers.
14:00 - NIKA Foundation stand E3/10 - face painting for children and adults.
14:00 - RuDive C2/1 - a story by biologist Natalia Chervyakova about options for movement in the underwater world with a demonstration of underwater organisms through a microscope.
15:00 - stand F14 - master class on tying sea knots from the Sailing Academy.
15:00 - island of microscopes - "Everything flows, everything changes. These ubiquitous, agile slime molds.” Adults and children will enjoy fascinating presentations, underwater photographs and illustrations from scientific articles.
15:00 - Book Island - "Around Antarctica: exploring the icy south.” Master class for children.
15:00 - stand D3/2 - Alexey Udalykh about new products in Molchanovs equipment.
16:00 - stand C9/2 - master class on emergency care from specialists of the National Council for Resuscitation.
16:00 - stand E3/10 - volunteers of the NIKA Foundation together with children sculpt sea animals from airy plasticine.
16:30 - Microscope Island - Hunter Games. Hydra vs Daphnia. Microscopic battles between tiny hydras and prourorous daphnia.
17:00 - stand D3/2 - Alexey Rogachev on the importance of good technique in swimming.
17:00 - stand D4/1 - prize drawing from OKDIVE.
17:00 - RuDive C2/1 - Konstantin Novikov about why the Red Sea is blue and the White Sea is green.
18.00 - PADI stand R1/2 - Hour of congratulations to PADI anniversaries. All 2023/24 Anniversary Honorees (PADI Dive Centers and Individual Professionals) will be invited to receive Anniversary Awards.
19:00 - stand D3/2 - autograph session with multiple world record holder in freediving Alexey Molchanov.

Open all days of the exhibition:

Microscope Island "Secrets of the underwater microworld”, where, under the guidance of biologist Konstantin Neverov, you can study tiny aquatic creatures and ask an endless number of questions.

Book Island will delight small and large guests of the exhibition with books on marine (and not only) themes, new releases and discounts.

The exhibition of underwater photography is the largest in the world in terms of its scale and diversity. Enthusiasts of underwater photography will present their vision of the underwater world: the team of the natural photography festival "Wild Underwater World”, the International Union of Animal Artists and the famous artist Igor Chetvertkov and other photographers. In total there will be about two hundred works, filmed both in their native lakes and in the vast oceans. The entire rich palette of the underwater kingdom from huge whales to crustaceans invisible to the eye.

Evgeny Marochkin, an experienced underwater photographer and traveler, will present a separate exhibition of his works on the topic "Large inhabitants. Abstraction".

Fair of Wild Delicacies. A food court with seafood and farm products, where you can dine with the whole family and buy delicious things to take home. Everything that swims or crawls under water: smoked and salted fish, fresh oysters and stuffed snails, caviar of all varieties and shades from domestic producers - from Crimea to Kamchatka. Dried meat of various varieties, homemade pickles, jams, Altai honey, marshmallows and marmalade. You can try everything, help yourself on the spot or take it with you.

Poster for all days of the exhibition on the website at the link https://www.diveshow.ru/afisha/

You can buy a ticket to the exhibition here https://www.diveshow.ru/show/bilety/

We are waiting for you from February 8 to 11 at Gostiny Dvor of the city of Moscow (Ilyinka, 4) at Moscow Dive Show 2024