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Moscow Dive Show - first results and best dates

16 Feb 2024

Thanks to everyone who took part in Moscow Dive Show 2024 and visited our exhibition! More detailed analytics will appear on the site soon, but for now the hottest news.

* New best dates for Moscow Dive Show 2025.
The exhibition in 2025 will be held from February 20 to 23. More time for preparation after the New Year holidays for both exhibitors and the exhibition PR headquarters to launch advertising and propaganda.

* First results of Moscow Dive Show 2024.
In short, it was the best exhibition in 9 years, both in terms of the number of exhibitors and the traffic of visitors and professionals:
- 235 exhibitors
- 21,500 visits (including those who come to the exhibition many times since Thursday to Sunday)
- 14,900 unique visits
- 1,710 pre-registered professionals - dive instructors, divemasters, divers, freediving and spearfishing instructors, yacht skippers.

* Equipment.
A striking event was the powerful landing of Chinese manufacturers. Domestic factories also presented many new products.

* Tourism.
Among foreign participants, representatives of the Maldives are leading by a wide margin - 19 hotels, safari yachts and guest houses presented their ideas for the 2024 season. In Russian destinations, the Far East continues to hold the focus.

* Cultural program.
There are also new records here - 44 performances on stage, 29 events in the conference hall, 37 prizes awarded at the Hour of Gifts.

Booth bookings for the 2025 exhibition are now open!
Send your application for participation to info@diveshow.ru .

We will also welcome comments, criticism, suggestions and new ideas. Please send them to pr@diveshow.ru

See you at Moscow Dive Show 2025!