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St. Petersburg tour of Ultimate Depth 2024

03 Apr 2024

Spring meetings in St. Petersburg have already become a good tradition and again the team of the Ultimate Depth magazine - Georgy Zdanovsky and Klim Kolosov - goes to the northern capital to talk about grandiose plans for the 2024 season, exchange ideas and please everyone with pleasant surprises. This time the delegation will be strengthened by a secret guest.

When and where: April 18, at 18:00, at the address: St. Petersburg, st. Kazanskaya, 7, Music Hall.

Meeting plan:
- A story about travel and diving safari with Maximum Depth 2024, news of world and Russian diving tourism. Answers on questions.
- Exchange of opinions on the topic: "Shouldn’t we dive on...”, and also "I dived on... and it’s not bad there.”
- Speech by a secret guest.
- Drawing of discount certificates - discounts from 10 to 20% on all trips (including the Galapagos and Antarctica!)

It is convenient to study detailed travel programs in advance at http://travel.pglubina.ru/

Traveling around Russia in 2024:
- Grand tour to the Far East East - Moneron and Sakhalin;
- White Sea fairy tale - Solovki and Letnyaya Zolotitsa;
- Putorana Plateau;
- Shantar Islands and Sea of ??Okhotsk;

Foreign routes in 2024:
- Saudi Arabia - safari to the Farasan Islands, Saudi Pioneer;
- Maldives – big safari to the northern atolls, Marselia Star;
- Cuba – Queen's Gardens, Avalon;
- Raja Ampat - Agusta Eco Resort;
- Palau – safari, Black Pearl;
- Galapagos – safari on Calipso + land on the islands and in Peru;
- Antarctica without Drake - sailing ship Eldorado.

Secret guest!

Konstantin Popov, chief commander of the Marine Practice, specially flies from Antarctica to personally report on the new route to icebergs, leopards, whales and penguins. Now you don’t need to test your vestibular system in the Drake Passage - take a plane from Punta Arenas directly to King George Island, and from there on the sailboat Eldorado to secret islands and bays. Results of the 2024 season and plans for the 2025 season. A joint project of Maximum Depth and Marine Practice with the support of the Russian Antarctic Belingshausen station.

The latest issue of the Ultimate Depth magazine and a refreshing brut for all guests.

All questions about trips can and should be asked in advance to Lara Lockyer:
lara@diveshow.ru , +7 903 011 33 88 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
Meeting coordinator, Artem Kondratyev:
artem@diveshow.ru +7 968 ??864 18 82 (WhatsApp, Telegram )

See you on April 18 at 18:00 in the Music Hall, st. Kazanskaya 7