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rEvo — ребризеры

Phone: +7 (495) 221-56-46
Web site: http://diveindustry.ru
E-mail: info@diveindustry.ru

A passion for diving and a passion for technique led to the development of the rEvo. After a period of open circuit diving there was the need for another and different type of diving apparatus and finding nothing that answered the need for a highly technical apparatus a start was made to create a completely new diving machine.

After a lot of research and development and a beta series, the "revolution” was commercialised in 2007 and after a short while the "revolution” became the "rEvo”. After a few more years of research and development the rEvo III is now the latest model but rEvo Rebreathers continues it’s research for even better performance and to answer even more of the needs of the rEvo Customers. 

Official distributor in Russia "Diveindustry"

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