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The immersion in the microworld of the Underwater Kingdom

Microscopes (Saturday)

  • What are the similarities between unicellular microorganisms and human cells?
  • What is plankton and what are food chains?
  • How does a daphnia move?
  • How can a red alga turn into a green one?

You can learn about this and many other things from a fascinating lecture devoted to the tiniest aquatic inhabitants.

It is enough to look through a microscope at a drop of water from an ordinary pond or aquarium, and a whole world of amazing creatures appears: they differ from each other, but together they constitute a unique biocenosis, which is the basis of the existence of large inhabitants of river and sea waters: clams, fishes and whales.

In the entertainment zone the visitors will be able to see with their own eyes the secrets of the microworld that is hidden from us.

The microscopes' site will work on February 2 (Saturday) from 10-00 to 20-00.