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Exhibiting without a flight to Russia

Moscow Dive Show 2023 (9-12 February) presents a new plan for those who cannot or do not want to fly to Russia, but who need new clients from Russia and neighboring countries.

We will prepare everything for you as if you were doing it yourself: your booth, staff for your booth, advertising of your goods or services and means for your online communication with visitors.You just will have to count the profits and wait for clients from Russia.

Watch a short cartoon that we specially created about this project:

More information about Moscow Dive Show:


- We will find for your booth an employee speaking your native language

Before the exhibition, you will have a training session for such a person viaSkype to present company to him or her, explain all the features of it and articulatethe task for communication with visitors.

- As for your advertisement literature, we offer the following:

Translation, Adaptation for Russian auditory, Preparation of layout for printing, Printing 300 copy (A4, 4+4).

- Your booth at the Exhibition

It will be equipped with lighting, company name, your logo, cast banner (3500x2000, 3500x3000 mm), a tablet on a stand for your online communication.

- A tablet for your online communication with visitors

Live communication via Skype (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram).Advertising video during pauses.

- Exhibition Results Report

File with contacts and comments.

Name and Surname




Ivan Ivanov



He and his friend to come in October.

The trip program to besent.

Petr Petrov



Head of the Bely Kit Diveclub. The group trip to be discussed.




A diving instructorlooking for a job.

Exhibition Results Report. Interview via Skype on the Exhibition Results, and the booth employee comments.

All Inclusive Package Booth 4 sq.m

All Inclusive PackageBooth 6sq.m

All Inclusive PackageBooth 9sq.m

Please send all questions about booth reservations by emil@diveshow.ru